Friday, August 28, 2009

Oslo - Day 4

Got up early this morning to head out to Bygdoy so I could record my final Oslo podcast at the Viking Ship Museum. A really interesting museum, it holds the remains of three huge Viking Ships. I'd really recommend anyone visiting Oslo to have a look in here. Also, just down the road you'll come across the awesome open-air Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. As well as a plethora of old-school buildings, you'll see people wandering around in traditional dress.

After that I headed towards Frogner Park, a huge green area with lots of cool stuff in it. For example, here's where you'll find the Vigeland Sculpture Park which is full of some of the most interesting pieces of sculpture I've ever seen. Definitely well worth a look!

Tomorrow I'm going to head to St. Hanshaugen Park and have a look around that area! Hopefully it'll have stopped raining by then!


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