Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2 in Bratislava!

Still warm and sunny over here in Bratislava today. Have had quite a bit of a wander around so far today and I’ve seen some really cool places. Take for example, the Natural Science Museum. Only 2 of its 4 floors are currently in use, but there are plenty of great exhibits to be seen there. Like this not so little guy!

While walking to the museum, I got a different view of the New Bridge, which I crossed yesterday. It looks just as impressive from a distance as it does when you’re crossing over it, cars and trucks rumbling by overhead as well as beneath you.

One the way back through the Old Town area I passed the beautiful building of the Slovak National Theatre. Performances are still held here, and outside the building you’ll also get to see Ganymede’s fountain, another one of the city’s impressive waterworks.

Hopping on one of the trams after procuring a ticket from one of the handy machines at the stop (which have English directions on the types of tickets and how to get them), I took a short trip out of the Old Town area to visit Polus City Center. This is a pretty giant shopping centre, filled with lots of well-known brands. Lovely and cool inside, it was a nice spot to take a bit of a breather from the heat.

Tonight I’m going to try and take some night shots, as well as visiting a few bars. But first I think it might be time for some dinner!


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