Friday, July 24, 2009

Bratislava day 3!

Started today by wandering up towards Grassalkovich Garden, which is located behind the Presidential Palace, a short walk from Bratislava's popular Obchodna Street. On the way, I got a pretty good view of the city's Castle. The Castle itself is closed at the moment because of ongoing renovations, but it's still a pretty sight, perched on a high hill overlooking the city.

On the way back, I walked along the afore-mentioned Obchodna. It was pretty busy, with people wandering along checking out the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants located all along the street.

Not just along the street itself, the passages ways leading off the street also hold numerous delights. Take for example this street market, which was very busy when I walked through. Selling everything from sunglasses to shoes, it seems like a well-liked shopping spot.

No night shots last night after all due to the onset of a lightning story. Watched from my room window as it went on for quite a while. Am going to try again tonight after I find some food!


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