Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello from beautiful Zurich!

Landed in Zurich earlier today to collect information for a new Hostelworld pdf guide. (You can check out our other guides here.) I'm staying at the Hotel Coronado. As you can see from the picture, I have a pretty sweet set-up here! Just across the road from a tram stop too, which is great. Got me into the city in no time earlier on, and is a really easy system to get the hang of too.

Had a wander along Bahnhofstrasse, which seems to be the main shopping drag. Tonnes of people around and the shops were pretty busy. My favourite thing about this street isn't all the designer gear though, it's the really cool flowerpots! All along the street, you'll see these giant flowerpots covered in different, funky designs. Check out this one covered with lizards!

Dinner was a potato and vegetable gratin at a restaurant called Au Gratin at Bahnhofplatz. Really delicious, plus there's a bar downstairs so I stopped off for a drink there too.

Great first day in Zurich and I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring!


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