Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mastering the art of bartering

I was out at the stalls today in Marrakech. Before leaving Jose at Equity Point where I'm staying gave me a quick heads up. Basically, whatever you're quoted knock 50%-60% off that.

So I was looking for a tracksuit top as it can get chilly here at night. I was quoted 500DHS (dirhams) first of all. Eh, forget about it! Told him the most I was going to pay was 200. He then said 250. I've since been told by Zac here at the hostel that the most I should be paying is 150. So now I'm going to go back into the souks again to find this top.

Also, another thing...getting lost in Marrakech's souks is almost inevitable. If you're approaced by people looking to bring you to where you're going, chances are they're going to look for something at the end of it. I gave this young guy the beneift of the doubt earlier, only to have to fork over 30DHS when we came to my final destination. And he was looking for between 50-100!

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